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Horses have been around for 50 million years. However, they’ve only been domesticated in the last 6,000 years.

6,000 years was more than enough time for humans to fall in love with these gentle giants.

Equestrians are horse lovers and horse sport athletes. They love horses for their athleticism, strength, and companionship. When an equestrian friend has a birthday, getting them a horse-related gift is always a good idea.

If you’re not sure which gift to get them, keep reading. Here are six equestrian gift ideas to consider.

1. Equestrian Jewellery

Just because they’re outside the stable doesn’t mean they can’t represent their love for horses. The Gallop Collection from Gemma J has the perfect gifts for equestrians.

Choose from horseshoe pendant necklaces, sparkly bit earrings, snaffle drop earrings, and much more.

Whether they like gold, silver, or rose gold, there are plenty of horse-themed jewellery pieces to choose from.

2. Saddle Box Subscription

The relationship between a human and their horse runs deep. Horses provide immense companionship and friendship.

For the rider who wants to spend more time with their horse, get them a Saddle Box subscription.

This monthly box comes with goodies for humans and their horses to enjoy.

3. Stirrup Shelves

Anyone who loves horses also likely loves equestrian home décor. Stirrup shelves are trendy interior design accessories that nod to horse appreciation.

You can buy a set of two to be hung in a cluster on the wall. Small enough to each hold a succulent, they bring the stable indoors.

4. Mane and Tail Hair Products

Who doesn’t love soft, silky hair? Horses sure do!

Mane and Tail Hair products are safe for both humans and horses.

Horse-lovers who want to get even closer to their horse can now share shampoo and conditioner with them.

Mane and Tail also carries styling products, hair masks, and hand and nail therapy products. They can even be used on your dog or cat.

5. Equestrian Movie Pack

There’s no shortage of movies that include horses and equestrian sports. For your horse-loving friend, consider making them a movie night box full of horse-related films.

Some examples include The Black Stallion, Seabiscuit, Dreamer, Flicka, and War Horse.

Throw in some rope liquorice candy for the human and cantaloupe for the horse!

6. Herd Your Horses Game

If you’ve never played the Herd Your Horses board game, you’re in for a treat. This game allows players to live out their ranch-life fantasy.

Except, you aren’t the rancher. You’re the lead horse who has escaped the ranch.

This is a fun and exciting game for everyone. Horse-lovers, especially, will get a kick out of this equestrian game.

Looking for More Equestrian Gift Ideas?

When the horse-lover in your life has a birthday, finding the right gift can be difficult. After all, they love spending time with their horses more than anything else!

The best equestrian gift ideas incorporate horses into them, like the six ideas listed above.

For more ideas, browse our Country Collection of jewellery pieces perfect for a country guy or gal.