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Did you know that blush coloured metal has existed since the mid to late 19th century beginning in Imperial Russia? Most of us believe it’s a new product. The popularity of rose gold began to gain popularity in 2014.

If you find rose gold jewellery appealing, continue reading.

Unique Advantages of Rose Gold

Several metals serve to make jewellery including gold, silver, and platinum. Rose gold now rivals many of these traditional metals for jewellery preference.

Some fashion rebels now mix different colours of gold and silver at the same time. Yes, we know this defies all convention, but it is happening.

Here are the reasons why rose gold has increased in popularity.

1. Romantic Appeal

One of the most romantic metals is rose gold. Many couples find themselves drawn to the pinkish-red colour. The rose gold colour complements all skin tones.

Rose gold now holds a place in jewellery for by both men and women. A variety of gemstones look wonderful set in the rosy metal. You can consider blue topaz, fire opal, green amethyst, aquamarine, pearl, and even diamonds.

Rose gold offers a wonderful touch to vintage settings. This gold reinforces the old-time romantic look.

2. Rose Gold Does Not Tarnish

It does not need Rhodium plating like white gold. The colour will not fade over time either due to the strong surface.

There’s no need to have your jewellery dipped every few years. Just clean your rose gold pieces with a soft toothbrush or cloth and mild dish soap. It has no other special care needs.

3. Durability

Rose gold contains copper alloy which creates its unique colour. Copper is a strong material and when combined with gold, makes a very durable metal. In fact, it’s stronger than yellow or white gold and resists scratching.

Rose gold can keep up with active people. Wear your beautiful jewellery without worry.

4. Affordability

Rose gold costs less than yellow or white gold. Yet, it maintains long-lasting value as well as significance. These pieces are meant to pass down through the generations.

When choosing a diamond, you can select a more budget-friendly one. Yellow tints in diamonds don’t show as much with rose gold. Don’t worry, design the jewellery you want within your financial comfort zone.

5. Available in Intricate Designs

Due to the malleability of rose gold, it can be formed into more intricate shapes and designs than other metals. You can find many rings, necklaces, and bracelets formed into beautiful and unique patterns.

If you like the movement found in flowing, twisting, and knotted shapes, this metal can bring your vision to life. No more boring, trite jewellery.

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