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In the UK, 26% of adults have dogs as pets. UK adults own around 9.9 million dogs in total.

It’s no surprise. After all, dogs are cute, loyal, and fun beyond comparison!

You absolutely need dog jewellery if you’re a dog lover. It helps you keep your dog close to your heart even when you’re not in their presence. Plus, your dog deserves a human friend who wears dog-themed jewellery.

Here are five of the best designer dog jewellery pieces you need to see.

1. Rose Gold Dachshund Studs

The Rose Gold Dachshund Studs have a 14 ct rose gold vermeil, making them easy to match with different outfits. Each of the dog designs has a red enamel collar that adds a classy pop of color to your look.

The stud designs are only 15mm by 17mm in size. These are good pieces of dog jewellery for people who want to draw a little more attention to their face and love for Dachshunds all at once.

2. Pug Pendant

Share your love for pugs by wearing our Pug Pendant. It’s made out of solid sterling silver and has black enamel markings for detail.

Much like a real Pug, this pendant is petite and cute. In fact, it’s only 12mm by 10mm.

The chain comes in 3 sizes: 37 to 40 cm (children’s), 40 to 46 cm, and 50 to 60 cm.

Any kind of Pug jewellery makes a perfect gift for Pug lovers. This pendant is no exception.

3. Paw On My Heart Necklace

The Paw On My Heart Necklace is a 14 ct yellow gold vermeil necklace that has heart and paw print charms on it. The chain is adjustable and ranges anywhere from 41 to 44.5 cm in length.

The minimalist design makes it easy to match with jewellery for dogs. This means more Instagrammable #twinning for both you and your pooch!

4. Chihuahua Pendant

The best gift you can get a Chihuahua lover is a piece of jewellery for Chihuahua lovers.

While the pendant itself is sterling silver, our Chihuahua is also wearing a pink enamel T-shirt design to keep warm. This pendant is also a Chihuahua-sized 13mm by 10mm, making it even more adorable.

5. Dog Bone Charm

Our Dog Bone Charm is a simple but powerful jewellery piece. Its design is minimalist but displays a universal dog symbol anyone can recognize. This solid silver charm is 20mm by 8mm in size.

The Dog Bone Charm is great for adding to charm bracelets. You can also wear it with a necklace alongside any kind of pendant, including cremation pendants.

Designer Dog Jewellery Has Irresistible Appeal

Around 90% of pet owners in the UK claim that having a pet makes them happy. If you’re happy and you know it, get designer dog jewellery for yourself.

Out of all UK pet owners, 88% feel that having a pet increases their quality of life. Dog lovers deserve to have jewellery that represents them and the dogs they love so much.

Share your love for doggies with the world—browse our Woof Collection. This collection of dog-themed jewellery will make you feel more understood than ever.