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A Cynophilist” – Someone who just loves pooches!

If you love dogs and want to buy a piece of canine-inspired jewellery, you’ve come to the right place.

But wait a minute, is silver or gold jewellery right for your skin tone? Keep reading to find out.

Skin Tone Test

There are 5 simple tests you can do to determine your skin tone. Do one test at a time in natural light. Grab a pen and paper and record your results into two columns – cool and warm.

Remember that skin tone isn’t dependent on your skin colour. It’s possible to have light skin and a warm skin tone, or darker skin with a cool skin tone. So take the tests with an open mind, and you’re sure to find whether gold or silver jewellery is matching your skin tone.

Are you ready to go? Let the tests begin!

1. Green or Blue?

Check the veins on your inner wrist. If they are a blueish hue it means your skin is cool toned. If they’re more of a green colour, you are warm toned.

2. Stark White

Take a piece of white fabric. Wrap it around your face. The white colour of the material will reflect your skin tone. If your skin looks yellowish, you have warm undertones. If it looks blueish, you have cool skin tones.

3. Tanning Time

Think back to the times you’ve been exposed to the sun. Do you tan or burn?

If your skin tans easily, you most likely have warm undertones. If you burn quickly or find it difficult to get a tan, you are probably cool toned.

4. It’s in the DNA

You don’t need to undergo a medical genetic test for this one! Just take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Although there are exceptions, the general rule is that people who have warm toned skin have brown, green or hazel eyes with brown, black or red hair. Whereas blue or grey eyes with blonde, brown or black hair show that you have cool undertones to your skin.

5. Sparkle Test

Do a “sparkle test” with jewellery or even gold and silver makeup. Grab a silver piece and gold piece of jewellery, wear one, then wear the other. Which one honestly suits you best? If you can’t figure it out, ask a good friend to give their honest opinion.

If gold gives you a summer glow, then your skin is warm-toned, if silver is more flattering, then your skin is cool toned.

Negative Results

If you’ve completed all the tests above and you find that your results are all over the place, your skin is probably neutral.

Don’t fret…it’s a win-win situation. You will look good in both gold and silver jewellery!

Silver vs. Gold Jewellery

After you’ve determined whether your skin tone is warm or cool you will be able to find a metal colour that will flatter your skin tone.

For cooler skin tones, light or white metals look really good. For example, white gold, platinum or silver. People with warmer tones look great with yellow or rose gold or even copper and brass jewellery.

Silver or Gold Jewellery – Does it Matter?

So, which one is right for you? Silver or gold jewellery?

Honestly, when it comes to fashion, rules are made to be broken. So, if you have cool skin undertones but fall in love with a rose gold charm, just go for it! Or if you’re skin has warm tones but you found a cute silver pendant, forget the rules!

Check out our range of beautiful, one of a kind jewellery pieces. You’re sure to find something that will match your personality and unique style!