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It’s no secret that birthday parties are a big deal. In fact, the average British parent spends £320 on their child’s birthday party.

Of course, you don’t have to spend that much to make your child happy. Planning a themed birthday party based on their interests is sure to put a smile on their face, whether you spent £100 or £400 to make it happen.

If you have an equestrian enthusiast in your family, you can’t go wrong with a horse themed birthday party. There are tons of ways to make a party like this come to life, no matter what your budget is.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn how you can plan the perfect horse themed party for the birthday girl or boy.

1. Decorate the Party Space

No birthday party would be complete without some festive decorations. Instead of looking for supplies with “Happy Birthday” written across them, look for anything and everything plastered with horses.

You can find horse-themed paper plates, cups, and napkins as well as balloons and a pinata in the shape of a horse or a horseshoe. Finish setting the scene by playing cowboy music and, if possible, host an outdoor party using hay bales as both decor and seating.

2. Get Creative with Food

Your mind may immediately jump to chips and pizza when you think about party food. But if you want to take the horse theme one step further, consider giving the kids “horse food” as appetizers.

Offer apple slices and carrot sticks with dipping sauces and label them as “horse food”. You can also lay out shoestring potato sticks labelled “straw”. For dessert, be sure to get a horse-themed birthday cake along with some horseshoe shaped cookies.

3. Arrange the Right Entertainment

When it comes to planning a kid’s party, you’ll need to arrange some entertainment to keep everyone busy and having fun.

If you have a large budget, consider hiring a company that does backyard pony rides. After all, nothing says “horse birthday party” quite like getting to ride on a real horse.

For a medium budget, consider buying stick horse toys and cowboy/cowgirl hats. Make sure there’s enough for everyone and set up races between the kids. You can even create an obstacle course using household items, like having them manoeuvre between garbage cans and jumping over a broomstick.

If you’re trying to plan a budget-friendly party, you can have the kids make their own DIY stick horses with some dollar store items.

4. Don’t Forget the Gift

Of course, you’ll need the perfect gift to give the birthday girl or boy. And there’s nothing better than a horse-themed gift!

Boys and girls would love a fancy cowboy or cowgirl outfit. There’s also plenty of horse-themed jewellery girls of all ages would love. If there’s a stable nearby, you could also gift them a few horse riding lessons!

5. Pick Themed Favours

At the end of the party, every child is going to want to leave with something to remember the day by. If you bought stick horses or cowboy hats for the kids to play with, consider using these as favours.

If you went a different route, or you still want to give out a goodie bag, there are plenty of small horse-themed items to choose from. Mini horse stuffed animals, horse keychains, and plastic horseshoe rings are all options.

Throwing a Horse Themed Birthday Party

Don’t throw your child any old generic birthday party. Just follow our tips, from getting the right decorations to picking themed favours, to throw your child an amazing horse themed birthday party.

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