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If there’s one thing all animal lovers have in common, it’s a love of showing off their furry friends!

What better way to do that than with a dog paw print keepsake?

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life, or want to create a memento of your own pet, keep reading for a few tips on making a paw print keepsake.

1. Consider Whether Your Dog is Up to it

If you’ve ever brought home or even just spent time around a bouncing new puppy, you know how tempting it can be to document their every move. From their pink bellies to their tiny paws, everything about them is adorable.

But before you rush out to buy a dog paw print keepsake kit, consider how to get a dogs paw print onto your pendant, ornament, or other trinkets. You’ll have to physically guide their paw to create the print.

If he or she can’t even sit still long enough to eat a treat, it’s unlikely that they are going to hold still while you dip their paw in ink or clay and create an impression.

2. Choose the Right Size

The next step to choosing a dog paw print keepsake kit is choosing the correct size.

Consider the size of your dog footprint. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, it could be anywhere from an inch to several inches across.

Choose a kit that is too small for your dog’s paw, and you won’t get a full impression. Too big and you’ll have a lot of wasted space.

3. Consider Your Materials

Once you know what size you’ll need, it’s time to consider what type of materials you want to use.

Keepsake kits come in a variety of options. You could choose a clay kit where you dip your dog’s paw in soft clay that then dries, saving the print. Or you could dip the paw in ink or paint and create an impression on paper or another material.

No matter what type of material you choose, make sure that it is safe to use on your dog. Dog safe paint or ink will help ensure your dog won’t get sick if they decide to have a taste while you’re creating your keepsake.

4. Look for an All-in-one Kit

If it’s your first time creating a keepsake like this, it’s a good idea to look for an all-in-one kit.

Trying to do it yourself may leave you half way through your project and without all the materials that you need to finish it.

5. Decide What You’ll Do With Your Paw Print Keepsake When it’s Done

Before you buy your kit, you need to decide what you’ll do with your keepsake once it’s done.

For instance, if you wanted to create an ornament, you’d want a kit that creates a larger pendant that you could then add a ribbon to. If you want to create a piece of jewelry, you’ll want a kit that will create a print that’s small enough to hang around your neck or on a bracelet.

Creating Your Paw Print Keepsake

A paw print keepsake can be a great way to keep your pet with you and showcase your love for him or her.

Unfortunately, unless you have a tiny pet, your paw print may be too large to wear as a piece of canine jewelry. If this is the case, consider buying a keepsake necklace or bracelet instead.

Shop our selection today to find the perfect piece to commemorate your four-legged friend.