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When it comes to gift shopping, finding the perfect ring for someone is tricky. It can be difficult to know what they want and what will appeal to their tastes. That’s what makes the gift so special when you do find a beautiful piece they love.

Of course, that task is easier with a strategy in mind. Use these tips to find the perfect ring for that special person in your life.

1. Define Their Style

Rings come in a countless number of styles and moods. The first thing you need to do is define the style that your ring recipient has.

Think about the jewellery the person usually wears.

Is it delicate and understated? Perhaps they prefer bold statement jewellery. Is it bright and colourful or simple and monochromatic?

This line of thought helps you get a better feel for the rings that speak to that person’s style.

2. Consider Their Interests

If you truly want to show off how well you know this person, cater the jewellery to their interests.

There is jewellery that is based on different sports or hobbies. There is also jewellery geared toward people who love certain animals. For example, our Gallop Collection is all about horses while our Woof Collection is designed for dog lovers.

3. Learn Their Colors

We all have certain colours we tend to gravitate toward when it comes to jewellery. Some of us prefer jewellery with a silver or white gold tone, while others prefer the colour of yellow gold or rose gold.

Take a look at the jewellery your friend or family member usually wears and shop within that colour family.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a gold budget, you don’t need to buy jewellery that is actually made of gold. Silver jewellery can have plating or other design elements that make it look like other metals.

4. Get to Know the Trends

Everyone wants to look like their style is new and trendy, and that includes the person you’re shopping for.

To help them toward that goal, read up on the latest trends in jewellery and accessories.

Of course, those trends shouldn’t override the person’s style. If any of this year’s trends look like they’d fit well into that person’s wardrobe, great. If not, go with rings that speak to the person’s own style.

5. Find Out Their Ring Size

This is more of a practical tip but it’s important nonetheless. You need to know your loved one’s ring size.

If the gift isn’t a surprise, you can ask them. If not, a handy tip is to measure one of their other rings. Use a ring size chart to see how that measurement converts to ring size.

The Perfect Ring as the Perfect Gift

No matter who you’re buying for, the perfect gift is one that shows the person how well you know them and how much you care. With the tips above, you can find the perfect ring for that special person in your life.

To start your ring hunt today, shop for rings online right now.