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In the fashion world, 2017 brought us chunky chokers, oversized earrings and mineral inspired designs. But in 2018 fashion has turned to animalistic creations.

From gentle butterflies to wild beasts, supermodels hit the catwalk celebrating all the different faces of the animal kingdom in their jewellery pieces, especially animals that we find in the countryside!

Are you ready to take on this cute, yet enchanting new trend?

Read on for 5 reasons why we love country animal themed jewellery.

1. It’s Great for Animal Lovers

If you’re a big animal fan, animal-themed jewellery is a must-have accessory.

Naturally, we love animals because we can relate to their funny personalities, especially dogs and cats. The animals we look after in our own home, or ones we meet whilst trekking the countryside can become creatures we come to love and cherish.

If you really love animals and have the wonderful opportunity of working with them, a pretty statement piece of jewellery can even identify your choice of occupation. For example a dog breeder.

2. It’s Unique and Trendy

You’ll definitely step into the spotlight with these trendy pieces.

If you want to make a statement country animal inspired jewellery is the way to go. Not only is it trendy and totally in fashion, but it will always spark interest from others.

Traditional or standard looking jewellery, although pretty, can almost fade into your outfit without anyone even noticing it. But an animal-themed piece will stand out and cause the viewer to do a double take and almost definitely make a comment about it.

3. It Can Bring Back Happy Memories

The best kind of jewellery is something that brings back cherished memories. Like the memories of a beloved childhood pet, or from a country holiday you had once.

For example, when you won that horse jumping competition. A beautiful jumping horse pendant will enable you to cherish and celebrate that happy memory.

Or when you visited Scotland on holiday and saw a lone stag leaping across the misty hills.

Yes, these pretty jewellery pieces can help you to hold onto those cherished memories forever.

4. It Celebrates the Best of British

Although England isn’t a tropical country, we sometimes forget about the abundance of wildlife that is here.

From sweet robins and sleek foxes to cute hedgehogs and impressive galloping deer, the British countryside certainly has a lot to offer. Not only the animals but also plants and flowers such as tulips, daisies and even acorns can be made into delicate pieces.

We love jewellery that is inspired by the best of British wildlife.

5. It’s a Lovely Gift

The best kind of gifts means something to the receiver. If your friend has a beloved pet or a particular soft spot for a certain animal, you can give them a cute design in their favourite animal. For charm collectors, it’s also a lovely gift.

It’s also a great keepsake to give one of your friends or family members who has lost a beloved pet. Whether it’s their pet dog, cat or horse that has unfortunately passed away, there’s no better gift than a pretty charm for a bracelet or a ring to remember them by.

We Love Country Animal Jewellery!

Yes, we are totally in love with animal inspired jewellery and we are sure you will be too!

If you take on this new trend, you’ll not only be in fashion, but you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Check out our charming delicate pieces inspired by the animals of the unique British countryside.