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rose gold pine cone charm

For many of us living here in the UK and beyond, there is a timeless allure to a stroll through the countryside.

Luscious fields, thick forests, and gorgeous country lanes offer the chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of modern life for a while and embrace the countryside that is on our doorstep.

If you love nothing more than a stroll through the nature that this country has to offer, then maybe this could be represented in your jewellery choices.

Here at Gemma J, we love the great outdoors, and that’s why we have created our In the Country Collection.

But what makes this jewellery so appealing?

Let’s take a look.

robin pendant

What Is Country Jewellery?

Country-inspired jewellery is exactly that, jewellery that is inspired by the countryside.

Everything that you encounter when taking a walk through the many fields and hills of the UK can be encapsulated in jewellery form, and these items are a great way to transport you into nature no matter where you are.

Country jewellery is a way to pay homage to your love of the countryside, as well as celebrating your heritage and simply appreciating the beauty of nature.

There are various different types of country jewellery you can buy, from necklaces to earrings and more, so there’s always the perfect piece for you just waiting to be found.

hedgehog studs

Different Types of Country Jewellery

Some examples of the different types of jewellery in our In The Country collection are:

  • Animals – Nature-inspired jewellery contains much more than just the world around you. It also features the animals that occupy it, including birds, farm animals, and wild animals.


  • Flowers – One of the best things about a stroll in the countryside are the many different flowers that you encounter. From daffodils and daisys to tulips and bluebells, the different species that add so much colour to the landscape can also do the same for your outfit with some vibrant flower jewellery.


  • Other Natural Features – There are many other great elements of the countryside that are commonly used in jewellery, such as mushrooms and acorns which are often spotted throughout the land.


Country-inspired jewellery offers a varied choice of lovely items so take your time and pick the perfect piece for you.

pheasant pendant

Why Country Themed Jewellery is so Popular

Our country collection always features in our best sellers, and that’s because there are many things that appeal about nature-inspired jewellery, including these five reasons.

They Provide a Connection to Nature

Because of the use of natural symbols throughout country jewellery, it is the perfect way to connect with nature and feel like you’re back in the countryside you so love.

Whether you currently live in the country, or you used to and have moved away recently, this is a way to always hold a piece of it with you and will constantly bring back good memories of natural living.

A simple acorn earring or fox pendant can transport you to the countryside throughout your day, no matter where you are.

It is Packed with Symbolism

A lot of the imagery featured in our country collection has a lot of symbolism attached to it.

For example, there are many birds spotted throughout the items, and these are often associated with loyalty, commitment, and also freedom.

Fox jewellery is another packed with meaning, as you can see in our guide to fox symbolism here which tells that this animal is a symbol of longevity and as a protector from evil spirits.

Flowers are also associated with many meanings and depending on the species, will mean different things, so it is always wise to do your research and pick something that represents your beliefs and character in the most accurate way possible.

The right symbolism will provide you with a piece of jewellery that serves as a constant reminder of the values that are important to you.

silver fox pendant

It is Versatile

As we’ve mentioned already, there is a wide range of jewellery available in this collection. What this means is that there is always the perfect choice for you with one of our items.

What is ideal from a piece of jewellery is that it can go with many outfits and feature in lots of settings.

Whether you’re looking to head for a night out, or you’re simply on your way to work, you’re sure to find the perfect piece here.

We have subtle items like our rose gold acorn hoops or flower pendant, or something a bit more extravagant such as our daffodil necklace or our robin on branch necklace so whatever event you are heading to, you’ll find the right accompaniment to your style here.

You Can Find Something Personal to You

Jewellery should always be an outlet from which you can showcase your personal style, and this is definitely true with our country collection.

For lovers of the countryside, wearing jewellery that shows this is ideal for letting your true character show, and is also a great fashion statement, whether mixed with a country wardrobe or not.

It’s also a great conversation starter and a brilliant way to break the ice with like-minded people who are interested in what you are wearing.

You may be wearing a robin pendant because you are called robin, or because they’re your favourite animal, or for any other reason, but if you meet a fellow robin lover who feels the same way, you’re sure to hit if off straight away.

It Can Provide Sentimental Value

Our final reason to wear country jewellery is that it can bring back great memories of the past, or even of certain people.

If you find yourself sat in an office dreaming of simpler times when you could spend your days strolling through the countryside then this jewellery is for you, and you will always feel a connection to them days and where you came from.

These items can bring with them feelings of familiarity, comfort, and sentimental value for the past which makes them extra meaningful.

It is more than an item of jewellery, but a gateway to all of the memories and experiences that you associate with the countryside.

silver leafed heart necklace

Country Jewellery from Gemma J

We love country themed jewellery, and if you do to, then head on over to our In the Country collection right now.

We have a wide range of different styles and icons so you’re sure to find the perfect piece for you or to use as a gift for a loved one.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team today.