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The robin is more than a bird you might see perched on the tree branches outside your window. Did you know that in some cultures these birds have special meanings and or act as symbols?

If you have a loved one that enjoys robins, here are some reasons why purchasing robin jewelry might be a perfect idea.

Where Did the Robin Come From?

The North American Robins are known for their redbreast and musical sounds. They are native to North American and can be found on almost every part of the continent. They feast on worms and insects and build nests in trees or other locations.

The female robin bird lays beautiful blue eggs and this color has been deemed ‘robin’s eggs blue’.

Significance of Seeing A Robin

As mentioned before, the robin is a symbol of great significance to many cultures, even though those symbols vary, the robin is usually viewed in a positive light.

For example, Native Americans attributed the robin with being the first sign of spring. Many elements of the robin were seen in association with the sun; its redbreast as the rising sun, and yellow beak as the sun’s rays. Other tribes viewed the white circle around the robin’s eye as a symbol of wisdom or understanding.

The robin has also been associated with new beginnings and new growth. In ancient myths, if you saw a robin after a loved one passed away, it symbolized the deceased loved one assuring you that everything was going to be ok. It encouraged the family that they were watching them from above.

The Robin touches on spirituality as well. According to legend, in Christianity when Jesus was on the cross, a robin came to comfort him by singing. Jesus’ blood stained the bird’s breast, and so the robin is seen as a symbol of sacrifice and beginning anew.

The Robin As A Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is relevant in some cultural and acts as a spiritual guide. This animal, whether it’s an owl, rabbit, or even a dog, carries the same characteristics or personality as the person. Each person is said to have a different spirit animal.

Having the robin as your spirit animal means that you’re in a state of renewal and happiness. It’s time to leave your past behind and look forward to what is ahead.  You are very passionate, and you need to let go of feelings of sadness.

A robin is also associated with endurance and perseverance. Also, it’s a sign of patience, so if the robin is your spirit animal, it’s important to have patience and wait for the things to come. The robin is always a symbol of good luck, so if you see a robin, consider it that good luck is headed your way.

Robin Jewelry Review

As we’ve seen, the robin is a symbol of hope, perseverance, and wisdom. This bird signals new beginnings, sacrifice, and personal growth. When you see a robin, spirit animal or not, remember that they bring joy and clarity to your life if you let them.

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