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Whether you’re hunting for the perfect pendant for a friend’s birthday, or starting to make your Christmas to-buy-for gift list, this list will have you covered.

Animal jewellery is perfect for anyone with a passion for pets, so check out this list and find the ideal unique gift for your friend, lover, or sibling.

How to Pick the Most Unique Animal Jewellery Gifts

Some people are easy to buy for: they either tell you what they want or you just instinctively know what they’ll like.

Animal lovers, however, can be a bit more tricky because there are so many cool options out there to choose from!

When you’re choosing unique animal jewellery, do some detective work first.

Do they already have a horseshoe pendant? Are they always wearing their charm bracelet? Perhaps they wear a different ring on every finger.

Try to look at the colours your recipient wears, too. Some people prefer silver, others gold, and some people will wear anything as long as it’s animal-related! Make sure you know if your recipient has any allergies, as sensitive skin can react to some metals.

Finally, remember that your animal loving friend is likely to want a vegan gift: one that’s not caused any harm to living creatures in its creation.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, you’re in luck.

Our Five Favourite Jewellery Gifts for Animal Lovers

We’ve put together our five favourite unique animal jewellery gifts to help you choose for your paw-loving friends.

Silver and Rose Gold Bee Ring

Our gorgeous bee ring is perfect for any bee crusader determined to champion our honey-making friends wherever they go. The cubic zirconias on the wings add that extra bit of bling to catch the eye of passers-by–perfect for your bee enthusiast to start a conversation with.

Silver Unicorn Pendant

Unicorns are high-fashion and timelessly loveable. The colourful, playful, mythical creature can be found adorning everything from t-shirts to notebooks on the high street, so your fashionista friend with a charming horse-loving heart will adore this silver unicorn necklace.

Paw Print Ring

Simple but effective for any animal lover, this paw print ring suits every outfit. Understated yet stylish, the rose gold paw print makes a statement about the wearer’s love of animals.

Even better, it can be worn alone or in a statement stack of similar rings.

Pug Charm

Any dog lover is sure to love this suitably happy-go-lucky, clown-faced pug charm.

The sterling silver charm is painted with enamel features, and it’s sure to make your dog lover smile every time they see it.

Running Pony Studs

Let your friend’s love of all things equestrian shine with this cute pair of sterling silver stud earrings.

Shaped like a running pony, these subtle studs will go with any outfit and your horse-loving friend will adore you for giving them!

Choose From a Collection

If you need some more inspiration or want to buy a themed set of animal jewellery for a lucky recipient, take a look at these collections.

The selected ranges include birthstones, diamonds, rose gold, and countryside themes as well as animal-themed jewellery, so you’re bound to find the perfect gift!