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Are you searching for that perfect gift for the animal lover in your life?

Do they love horses? Dogs? Foxes? How about hedgehogs?

There are more than 50 million dogs in the UK and that number is growing every year.

There are so many great animal-themed gifts that it can be difficult to narrow them down.

We’ll go through a few of the best gift ideas for animal lovers and see if we can’t make your shopping experience a little bit easier.

1. Ball Thrower

If your friend or loved one has a dog, they are bound to love a ball thrower.

This unique present is a long stick with a four-pronged claw on the end.

Insert the ball, make your throw, and the ball will go a lot farther than if it were just thrown by hand.

Dogs love to run and play, so why not get them a specialized fun machine that’s designed just for them?

The ball thrower will pair nicely with items from our Woof Collection.

We have an extensive line of jewellery that is devoted to our doggy companions. The collection includes earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

2. Ice Cube Trays

It’s hard to miss with an attractive ice cube tray. We’ve seen ice cube trays in the shape of doxies, kittens, and even horses.

Ice cube trays are affordable and fun. They’re one of the most unique gifts for animal lovers that we’ve seen, and you know that everyone uses them at home.

More than 30 million people ride horses every year. If your friend likes horses, take the time and find a few ice cube trays on the same theme.

You could buy one that has horseshoes and one that has the shape of a horse’s head.

Finding the right gift for animal lovers requires creativity and a sense of fun!

Our Gallop Collection is designed for people with a strong love for horses. We have rings, charms, and rose gold horse jewellery.

3. Memorial Necklaces

It’s the ultimate gift for a pet lover: a memorial pendant that reminds them of their beloved pets.

They come in a wide range of colors and styles and can act as a real pick-me-up for pet owners who are missing their fur babies.

Pets are an essential part of life, and who can be blamed for missing them?

We have a Country Collection of jewellery that is perfect for animal lovers who have pets who are no longer with us.

Our nature-themed jewellery includes fox pendants, hedgehog pendants, feather and acorn bracelets, and bee jewellery.

More Gifts for Animal Lovers

We’ve seen such a wide range of animal gifts including stone statues, fine art pieces, and throw pillows.

If you have a friend or family member who is a true animal lover, they will love any gift that is associated with their pet.

They might already have a t-shirt or jumper with their pet’s face on it, so you may want to drop a few hints before you get ready to buy.

Take your time to find the perfect gift. Check out our website and have a look through all of our collections. You’ll surely find an excellent gift!