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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you know what you’re getting your partner? Keep in mind that of the people in the UK that receive a Valentine’s Day gift, nearly half of them admit to not liking their gift.

This doesn’t have to happen to you, particularly if your partner loves the countryside. Here are five country jewellery ideas to guarantee they’ll have a happy Valentine’s Day.

1. Whimsical Pendant

Buy your loved one a pendant on a chain that has special meaning for what they love most about the outdoors and the countryside. You can choose from a pheasant pendant, greyhound pendant, acorn pendant, and more.

Pendants make a fool-proof gift in that one size fits all (although be sure to choose a chain length based on your partner’s preferences.) They can also be worn with many different types of ensembles, from daytime casual to office-appropriate wear.

2. Equestrian Themed Bracelet

For the loved one who loves all things horses, you can’t go wrong with an equestrian-themed bracelet. So many pieces of riding equipment can be translated into jewellery designs. You may want to try giving a sparkly stirrup bangle, chunky snaffle bracelet, or a sparkly hoof bangle.

Your valentine will be proud to wear a piece of jewellery that speaks to them and shows the world what they love.

3. Custom Charm Bracelet

Giving a charm bracelet featuring hand-chosen charms is sure to warm your valentine’s heart. It shows you really know them and what they’re passionate about.

You can build a charm bracelet featuring charms around a common theme. For example, dog lovers will appreciate a bracelet featuring charms such as a dog bone, particular dog breed, and paw print.

Those who love the countryside will adore nature-themed charms including an acorn and leaf, hare, and fox.

You can really have fun creating a charm bracelet that’s as unique as the person you love.

4. Nature Themed Ring

Although buying a ring requires knowing your partner’s ring size, the extra effort will be worth it when they wear this special jewellery piece.

Choose a ring design that reflects their love of nature. It may be a flower, bee, or stag antler ring.

5. Earrings

Whether you choose from stud or hanging, earrings are often loved especially if their theme reflects the wearer’s passion. Nature lovers will appreciate earrings in the shape of dragonflies, fern leaves, or flowers. Dog owners will love wearing dachshunds, dog bones, or paw print studs.

We Have Jewellery Ideas That Say Happy Valentine’s Day

Now that you have a better idea of what gifts say happy Valentine’s Day, perhaps you’d like to peruse our site for jewellery ideas. With a little planning, you’re bound to find the perfect jewellery piece that your partner will love.

We have plenty of selections for nature, dog, and equestrian lovers. Start your search by shopping our Valentine’s Day collection.