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If spring is your favourite season, you might also desire new experiences. Getting a new piece of animal-inspired jewellery is the perfect way to satisfy that desire.

There are actual scientific reasons why spring’s delightful. Springtime brings more daylight, which boosts your mood. Most importantly, animals come out of hiding and the birds return from their migration.

Wildlife is one of the most beautiful parts of spring. You deserve to wear animal-themed jewellery that adds a touch of springtime to any outfit you wear.

Here are 5 of our best spring-themed animal jewellery pieces.

1. Silver Hare or Rabbit Pendant

Springtime is bunny time, which is why our Solid Silver Rabbit Pendant is so on point.

This pendant is complete with floppy ears and an adjustable silver chain that comes in 3 different lengths. These lengths include 37 to 40 cm (children’s size), 40 to 46 cm, and 50 to 60 cm.

The Sterling Silver Hare Pendant reflects a hare in motion. Its adjustable chain comes in 2 length options (40 to 60 cm and 50 to 60 cm). In terms of animal symbolism, hares represent intuition, balance, and new beginnings.

2. Pheasant Studs

Pheasants are a countryside fixture, which is why we’ve made pheasant country-themed earrings.

Our Pheasant Studs combine silver and rose gold. The design is sterling silver, but it’s also in 14ct rose gold vermeil and enamel.

Pheasants symbolize protection (especially for your loved ones) and vitality. For this reason, these studs make the perfect gift for someone who’s dear to you.

3. Beaded Robin Bracelet

Our Beaded Robin Bracelet is one of our most popular country-themed bracelets. It has light-catching faceted beads that dazzle with ease.

Silver is its most prominent metal, but the robin charm’s face/beak and breast are rose gold. This adjustable bracelet is between 18 to 20 cm.

As a symbol, the robin represents pleasure, happiness, and rejuvenation. It also symbolizes honour and passion. This bracelet is good if you’re striving to embrace the brighter side of life.

4. Hedgehog Pendant

Hedgehog pendants are en vogue during spring. Wearing our silver hedgehog pendant is a constant reminder of the season, no matter what kind of environment you’re in.

In fact, our Silver Hedgehog Pendant has a name: Henry! Both he and the chain are made out of sterling silver.

The chain also comes in 3 different sizes. 37 to 40 cm (children’s size), 40 to  46 cm, and 50 to 60 cm.

5. Rose Gold Mr. Fox Pendant

The Rose Gold Mr. Fox Pendant is a piece of nature-themed jewellery that was created in 14ct Rose Gold vermeil. The rose gold chain comes in 2 different lengths: 40 to 46 cm and 50 to 60 cm.

As a symbol, the fox represents wisdom and protection from evil. Learning more about fox symbolism will convince you to get his pendant for yourself.

Get Animal-Inspired Jewellery for Spring Style

“Silver earrings” was the most searched jewellery term in 2019. Fortunately, we carry those along with an abundance of other animal-inspired jewellery pieces.

Give yourself more classic jewellery options—browse our country collection. Our selection will make you swoon.