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Dogs keep the lead as the favourite pet of people living in the U.K.!

And why shouldn’t they? They’re loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. Owning a dog may even keep you healthy.

The day you bring your bouncy, playful ball of fur home for the first time, you don’t think about the end of the relationship. Instead, you spend as much time as possible making your dog’s life the best it can be because after all, your dog’s mission is making your life better too.

It’s no secret you’re obsessed with your dog. The matching outfits you wear when you’re out together and you dog jewellery collection give it away. Now you’re missing that scruffy little rascal!

No one wants life with a dog to end but they don’t stay with us forever. Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things humans go through. Remembering them is easy.

In honour of all dogs who loved their people until the end, here are 4 ways you can honour their memory.

Have a Memorial Service

We have memorial services for our human friends and friendly, so why not for our dogs?

A memorial service is a beautiful way you can say “good-bye” and let friends and family do the same. Having your human loved ones around also brings you comfort.

Plan a small, intimate gathering at your home or in your backyard. If you and your dog made friends at a local dog park, consider holding the memorial there. Find a meaningful poem or short essay and have a friend read it out loud.  Let people share their special memories of your pet.

Give each person who attends a token gift that will remind them of your pet’s life.

Pay It Forward

Your dog gave you love and a lifetime of memories. One of the best ways to memorialize a pet is by paying it forward.

Find a pet-related charity or organization and make a donation in your dog’s name. If your dog suffered from a particular illness donate to research for prevention or a cure for the disease.

Animal shelters usually need volunteers. Giving your time at a shelter means you can help make another dog’s life better.

Consider starting your own volunteer service where you walk dogs for elderly people who have a hard time getting out for a stroll.

Wear a Memento

Do you or someone you know own a piece of heirloom jewellery? People often inherit a wedding ring or other special piece worn by a loved one. Wearing that ring or pendant brings back fond memories.

You wear your grandmother’s opal ring in memory of her, so why not wear a necklace or ring with a paw print in memory of your dog? You may even find a charm designed after your favorite breed.

Wearing jewellery keeps your dog’s memory close to your heart. Jewellery is also a great conversation starter. You may find yourself talking to another pet owner who recently lost their dog and needs to talk about it.

Write a Book

Even if you’re not a best-selling author you can still put together your dog’s story in book form.

Gather all the pictures you have of your dog. Spend time selecting the best photos and writing captions for each one. Tell your dog’s story from puppyhood to the end of life.

You can either have the photos assembled in a photo book or keep it simple and create your own scrapbook. If you found a piece of dog jewellery, take a selfie wearing it and include the photo in the book.

Creating a book of your dog’s life is not only an excellent way to memorialize a pet, but it’s also therapeutic. Going through old photos brings back memories of good times spent together.

Remember Happy Times with Dog Jewellery

We hope we helped you think about ways you can keep your beloved dog close to your heart.

Whether you wear dog jewellery, hold a memorial service, write a book, or donate your time or money, we know your dog will always have a special place in your heart.

We have many beautiful pieces in our Woof collection and are certain you’ll find something you’ll love wearing in memory of your special pet.