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You are looking for some perfect gifts for kids who love animals? Look no further.

You’ll find no better list of gift ideas for your animal-loving child than this one right here. Read on to find the best tween birthday gift for the young animal lover in your life.

1. Favourite Animal Stud Earrings

What’s your tween’s favourite animal? Whatever it is, animal-shaped stud earrings are a great way for them to show it.

Stud earrings are easily noticeable without being gaudy. They come in all shapes, including your birthday girl’s favourite animal. This makes them a great conversational piece to talk about with friends.

Your child will relish the chance to express their love for zebras, dolphins, frogs, and other animal favourites through fashion.

2. Animal Charms

Another beloved favourite of animal-loving kids is charms/charm bracelets. Perhaps your child has a lot of favourite animals. With charm bracelets, they can show their love for all of them at once.

There is such a large variety to choose from. You can find charms in the shape of any animal there is. And you can add letter charms to spell the name of their favourite pet.

You’ll find charms ranging from inexpensive yet fun to fashionably formal. And you can get them brightly-coloured decorative string to put them on or chains of silver or gold. Or you can get crafty and make awesome keychains with them.

One huge benefit from the parent’s point of view is that getting your children into charms makes them very easy to shop for. You’ll always find new charms for their collection, and they’ll always be excited to receive them.

3. Animal Pendants

Animal necklace pendants are a great idea for the very same reasons charms are. They come in many varieties. They don’t take up much space.

They’re always new and exciting. And we’re sure we have the perfect one for your tween’s next birthday.

We have dog pendants available in several thoroughbred breeds to match your child’s favourite pet. But if dogs aren’t what your child’s after, that’s okay, too.

Besides dogs, we have a cow, chickens, polar bear, and even hedgehog pendants. Feel free to choose several of your child’s favourite animals. They can interchange them or wear them all on the same necklace if they like.

Necklace pendants open up a great many ways for your child to show off their style-sense.

4. Buy the Whole Set

If you aren’t sure what type of jewellery to buy your tween but still want to narrow your choices, check out our Gallop and Woof Collections. The Gallop Collection has all our best horse/riding-themed jewellery all in one place. Likewise, the Woof Collection showcases our top picks for the young dog-lover in your life.

Give these collections a look, and you’re sure to find the right gift for your dog or horse girl.

Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

These gift ideas are sure to please your animal-loving child or tween. Try these gifts for kids who love animals on their next birthday, or just because!

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