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Set to exceed £3.2 billion this year, the jewellery industry is seeing continued growth.

This is thanks to the efforts of consumers demanding more sustainably-sourced materials and better transparency from the industry. It is also because more independent stores are opening, creating better competition and variety of choice.

If you’re considering getting nature bracelets for someone, then these four reasons should convince you why should and give you some tips along the way.

1. Nature Bracelets are Beautiful

Don’t get us wrong, items like birthstone jewellery are fantastic for celebrating someone’s special day. But nature itself has an endless mixture of styles, shapes, and colour.

Nature inspired fine jewellery takes simple things like acorns and turns them into dazzling works of art to wear. From silver leaves and rose-gold roses to intricate trees and cute animals, more options are created every day.

2. They can Match Many Styles

Nature has often inspired fashion designers to create dazzling new patterns and combinations.

No matter what your loved one’s personal style is, there is always something from nature that can work with it. For example, a floral patterned dress could be elevated by an elegant sparkly bee bracelet. It ties into the theme of what they are wearing but in a subtle way that helps them look your best.

Consider some of their favourite outfits to wear and think about what nature jewellery could go well with them.

3. Call Attention to Something Important

When it comes to nature and the environment, your loved one could be very passionate making nature bracelets a great gift.

Think about where their passions are focussed and what specifically they feel is important to them.

For example, someone who enjoys surfing or other water activities may have an affinity with the ocean. So getting them a pebble bangle is a cute way to allude to beaches and the seaside.

Or maybe they love horses and riding them in the open fields. They care about the connection between horse and rider so a stirrup bracelet creates a beautiful symbol of that.

4. Encapsulate a Memory

Everyone has memories of playing outside during their childhood or going on trips with friends and family.

Roaming around forests picking up sticks to use as wands or swords. Finding breathtaking flowers growing in the fields. The music of birdsong overhead while you have a picnic with your family.

There are so many moments from our lives where nature played an intimate part in making it wonderful.

Try to recall any special moments you shared with your loved one and how nature jewellery could be a great reminder of that time.

Keep it Personal

There are many options to choose from when looking at nature bracelets.

And yet, when it comes to choosing the right one it should be fairly simple when you narrow down all the factors about your loved one. From their own personal style and passions to the memories you share with them, only a few bracelets should stand out.

Take a look at our country collection to find the perfect one.