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You feel like you’ve got the world on a string after spotting the perfect necklace. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for after weeks of searching for the right design.

There’s just one more thing hanging over your head, and that’s not your new purchase, yet. You need to decide what’s the right necklace chain length. Here are four tips to help you choose.

1. The Size of Your Neck

This is the first thing to consider. We all have different sized necks and you’ll need to be certain that your necklace fits comfortably and looks good too.

Chain lengths are normally measured in even numbers although sometimes you may see odd numbers used. A standard chain will be forty to forty-eight centimetres long.

That means the chain will sit between the base of your throat and your collarbone. Work out the ideal length by measuring your neck and then add on between five and ten centimetres. Anything less and the necklace will feel more like a choker.

To get the ideal result, your tape measure should be wrapped snugly around the neck. You could also use a piece of string and add on the remaining centimetres to suit you.

2. Your Body Type

Where a chain falls on the body tends to be where the eye is drawn. A fifty-centimetre chain should fall below the collarbone. A fifty-six-centimetre chain will fall just above the bust.

For women with a smaller bust, a long thin chain, perhaps in rose gold, would be a great choice. Any necklace that sits below the breast line should be avoided by women with fuller figures since they’re unlikely to hang properly.

3. Your Height

If you’re petite in size then a longer necklace can help create long verticle lines. As with vertical stripes on your dress, these can give the illusion of extra height.

Anything too long could seem overwhelming and distracting so it’s important to get the balance right. Bear in mind that a pendant on the chain is going to make a V-shaped style that will elongate the neckline and give the impression of extra height.

Longer lengths can be flattering for women who are higher in stature because they emphasise a taller frame. Shorter chains won’t stand out as much.

4. Your Facial Shape

One of the reasons to wear a necklace is to set off and frame the face. A necklace chain has the ability to bring out your facial shape and alter the way your face is discerned by others.

If you have a heart-shaped, rectangular or oblong face then choker style necklace can be a great choice. This is going to help soften defined angles and give the illusion of narrower chin and jawline.

Longer chains work well with rounder faces and can give the appearance of a longer neckline. Oval faces are ideal for any shape, length or type of necklace.

The Ideal Necklace Chain length

You’ll need to consider several things when selecting your necklace chain length. Ensure that you measure your neck, and consider your height, facial and body shape.

We have a range of both silver and rose gold vermeil chains which are of adjustable length. If you’re a nature lover, check here for some great country themed necklaces.