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Stop horsing around with your jewellery and get some horses on it! If you love your horse and you’re a proud equestrian, why shouldn’t you show it? The Charm bracelet jewellry trends are all the rage right now.

There isn’t a specific science to charm bracelet spacing or charm placement, we checked. It’s all about what you’re trying to design and show the world.

Do you want a few charms that people can concentrate on looking at? Or are you trying to wear a full bracelet of things that are special to you?

Whatever placement method you choose, here are some beautiful horse-themed charms to choose from.

1. The Sparkly Hoof Charm

Our Sparkly Hoof Charm is available in sterling silver and comes inset with cubic zirconium for extra sparkle. Its subtle shape and design is a great way for the minimalist equestrian to show off their love.

The horse hoof or horseshoe shape is good luck to wear and to display in your home. The superstition goes back to the time of blacksmiths who thought the devil wouldn’t enter a home with a horseshoe displayed.

Wear it on your charm bracelet to keep away evil spirits and negative energy.

2. Unicorn Charm

Unicorns are having a moment as people are embracing what makes them special. What makes this Unicorn charm special is its two-toned construction.

The horse body of the unicorn is in sterling silver, while the horn is rose gold vermeil. It makes a gorgeous addition to any charm bracelet.

You can switch it out and wear it on a necklace if you want a dose of magic close to your heart.

3. The Saddle Charm

Are you a competitive or show rider who loves their sport? Show your pride every day with this Silver Saddle Charm. Though it’s small, it doesn’t lack for detail.

You can see each stirrup carved into the silver metal. This sterling silver charm bracelet charm makes a great gift to any show riders in your life.

4. The Boot and Stirrup Charm

Are you in love with riding horses in general and want something less specific than a saddle? We love the Riding Boot and Stirrup Charm with sparkly stone details.

It dangles delicately off your wrist at 20mm long and shines in sterling silver.

5. Rose Gold Jewellry Trends: Dressage Horse

If your horse prances around to show its beauty and good behaviour, check out our Dressage Charm. It’s in trendy rose gold, which looks outstanding mixed with classic silver charms.

The rose gold vermeil it comes in plays off of your skin tone, making it look pink and beautiful – especially if you can’t quite afford gold.

Horse Themed Jewellery

The charms above are some of our favourite from our Jewellry Trends Gallop collection, but there are others available. Check out our Gallop collection listing to see everything we have available.

Can’t choose a specific charm? We’ve done some of the work for you by putting together our Beaded Equestrian Bracelet.