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Did you know there are about nine million dogs in the UK? That’s nine million reasons to come home to a happy face every day.

Your dog is your family and you should have family pride for your dog. If your dog is a Dalmatian, you may find yourself gravitating towards spotted prints.

No, you’re not trying to recreate the coat of Cruella De Vil, you’d never want to hurt furry babies. You just find yourself wanting to express your love for your dog through clothes and jewellery.

Lucky for you there are high-end jewellery designers that know what you need. Show off your furry friend by shopping our dog jewelry tips below.

How to Wear Pet Jewelry

We’re not talking about carrying your pet around in a purse like people did in the 2000’s. That’s not an option with your leggy Dalmatian.

So if you can’t wear your pet, how do you show off your love for them and their breed? With the Woof collection from Gemma J Jewellery.

Pet Love Earrings

If you want to show your love for your pet in a subtle way, try pet themed earrings. You can find earrings in different metals, with a simple gold paw print design.

You can match your paw print earrings with our coordinating paw print necklace for just over ?36 more!

If you don’t want paws on your ears, you can go even more subtle with our dog bone studs. From afar they look like simple silver bars but are very chic.

It’s not until someone gets close to your face that they’ll see you’re sporting your puppy’s favourite treats. If they ask about them you have an opening to talk about your favourite subject: your beloved dog!

Get the coordinating silver dog bone necklace to go with your treat-themed studs. It’s just ?38 and comes in lovely sterling silver.

Charm Bracelets

In America, women go crazy for Pandora charm bracelets and the charm fever is spreading. You can get in on it with our custom breed-specific dog charms.

We sell an adorable Dalmatian charm perfect for the chic-bangle wearing dog mom. Our darling Dalmatian charm comes in sterling silver with black detail and a red collar.

The charm hangs between its two all-black ears. No one will question your devotion when you have an image of them close at hand.


Yes, some of us want to keep our dogs as close to our hearts as we can at all times. You can do that with a customized Dalmation Pendant.

It’s a bigger version of the Dalmatian charm we talked about above and comes on a delicate but sturdy silver chain.

Pet Jewelry Tips

If you think your pet won’t go crazy and try to eat it, get a matching charm for their collar. Clip it on to their name tag ring so you and your puppy are always wearing a symbol of your love.

Got other furry friends in your life? Our pet jewelry tips aren’t just for dogs, we have shiny horse-themed pieces too! Shop those here.